Making your own Bird box….

Under templates you will find two house shaped templates which you can adapt to bird boxes.

We have used strong cardboard and you will need to add tabs to the edges of these patterns.

You could also re appropriate an old box and add a roof and a bird hole

We have used some ikea drawers and added a roof.

Old drawers, boxes there as well as of course real bird boxes.

Here are some prompts to start thinking about what you can make your own bird box into…

What would your dream home look like?




Does it have plants inside?

Does it have a garden?

What is it made out of? Eg: wood, glass, logs, bricks, sweets… let your imagination wander…

What’s inside your house?

What kind of windows does it have?

What does it smell like?

What have you collected inside?

What do you like to collect?

What is your most treasured item?

What is your favourite thing to do at home?

Where is your dream house?

By the sea?

Up a tree?

In the woods?

In the city?

These are ideas for a house but your box can be and become what ever you would like to to be… there is no limit to what you can make.

Ideas for inside…

Create a mini house

Make up a character who live inside

Make a bird

Old Notes

Old Letters



List/draw/make models of your most important things.

A collection of objects you have found

A collection of your favourite things

A collection of things that are your favourite colour


Models you have made

Different textures materials


Press objects into air drying clay, rubbings, make textures.

Map out your own house drawing and describing everything in detail

Recreate your own house or your favourite room

a piece of poetry you like.

Create a museum of very small things.

A list /drawings of all of the places you’ve ever lived

pencil rubbings of different surfaces

A map of your favourite places to go

Drawing of all the sounds you hear in a day

List/draw/make models/take photos of things you like to do every day


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