It has been a lovely week with lots of visitors popping in to visit Bird Box City. Stopping by to explore and to make their own Bird boxes to add to the city…

Here are some of the wonderful comments left by vistors to Bird Box City:

“Bird box City is an utter delight to behold. Each one contains an entirely unique world – some imagined, others a recollection of another time or place, the embodiment of hopes or wishes – all filled with personality, humour and humanity. Unfettered by the conventions and received values of the art establishment, these miniature environments relate directly to our desire to create and inhabit our own universe. Using materials that fall readily into the ‘untrained’ hand, then decorated with found or gathered objects, symbolic relics and personal items, these miniature treehouses draw us in and remind us of the innocence and joy of pure expression.”

” To all that have contributed to bird box city exhibition  I am truly amazed and inspired by your creativity and artistic expression such a joy to spend some time admiring your work. Thank you.”

“Beautiful, heartwarming pieces of art. Something cosy and relaxing about bird boxes – all that nesting makes me want to curl up in the big nest.”

“I’m not sure what I just experienced but it cheered me up! like a little snap shot of each stage of life. lovely randomness.”

“What a really amazing and delightful exhibition. It is the stuff of beautiful dreams.”

“So lovely to see all these creative works of art together! Such imagination and ideas – all making a community of birds nests from across Milestones. Thank you Ali for making this lovely exhibition happen.”

“Glad I caught the lil’birdies! Milestones has brightened a dreary evening”.

“I have taken photos to show my mum I’m sure next time I see her she will have taken this up as a hobby and covered the house in bird houses. In fact I think I might do the same who can’t love art that makes you feel like a child again and smile.”

“Very inspring and cheerful. Thank you for bringing this into the public.”

“Really exciting and meaningful project incredibly inspiring! looks like a lot of fun was had making each piece. Love it!”

“Beautiful worlds created! lovely space and really interesting interactive exhibition  Love the idea and concept – great work.”

Nest Making Workshops…

We are so excited to be working with Carrie Love nest maker extraordinaire

Carrie has been running several workshops with us over the last few weeks in which we have created some amazing nests. Each one completely unique and harbouring treasures even a magpie would be jealous of!

All the nests including Carrie’s human sized nest will be in the exhibition. As well as some rather exciting birds feet shoes and nesty hats ready to try on.